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Customer Service Fundamentals

Course by: Business Career College

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This is a one-hour course focused on enhancing your customer service skills. Based on four customer service concepts. First, we have self awareness, being aware of what you are bring to the table as a person in a customer service industry. Speech is an important are of being able to communicate effectively to your customers and to be able to get the right reaction. The last two concepts we will explore are “Listen first and answer later” and “Always start from zero”. Using these concepts, we hope to show you the most effective way to communicate.

Course Outline

“Customer Service Fundamentals” is suitable for the following CE Credits:

British Columbia – 0 Life, 1 A&S, 0 General

Alberta – 1 Life, 1 A&S, 0 General 

Saskatchewan – 1 Life, 0 Ethics

FP Canada – 1 Financial Planning

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1 hour
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