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Harmonized Top up from Accident & Sickness


The Harmonized Top up from Accident & Sickness course provides the materials for a student who already has an Accident & Sickness license to upgrade to a full Life License. This course includes the certifications required to write the provincial licensing exam for the Top up from Accident & Sickness. This course is valid in every Canadian jurisdiction except Quebec and Yukon.

The course consists of three modules based on the CISRO/OCRA textbook. Registration fees include all development fees, but provincial examination and licensing fees are separate.

All registrants must have a Canadian Insurance Participant Registry number to enroll in this course. You can get yours here.

To complete this course, the students will complete two Certification Exams. The tested modules will include an electronic textbook and video series. Students will then attempt the Practice Quiz. This will unlock the Mock Exam which must be passed with a score of 70% or higher to write the Certification Exam. All BCC exams are written online and do not require supervision. The third module, Taxation, includes an electronic textbook and video series, but is not tested separately; the information will be found on the two exams.

While the successful completion of the exams is the end goal of the Top up from Accident & Sickness, our program is designed to provide students with the knowledge required to make decisions as a licensed agent in practical, real world scenarios. Join our knowledgeable instructors for a comprehensive seminar covering the Top up from Accident & Sickness course. Classes provide an excellent opportunity for students to further their understanding of the challenging topics that make up this course. All live instruction classes run from 08:00-16:30 Mountain Time.

The Harmonized Ethics and Professional Practice Course with Seminar includes:

  • CISRO/AMF Harmonized Ethics and Professional Practice & Taxation Online Textbooks
  • Online Resources - Practice Questions, Instructional Videos & Full Length Mock Exam 
  • Certification Exams

If you choose to purchase a seminar as well, this will include.

  • Two Day Live Instruction - In Class or Live Webinar
  • Recorded Webinar - Unlimited Access

Upon successful completion of the certification exams, Business Career College will electronically notify the CIPR database which will allow registration in the provincial licensing exam. The provincial exam is not included in this package. Students are responsible to register for the provincial licensing exam with the appropriate organization in their jurisdiction.