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While one of the goals of the Core and Advanced Curricula is to help get students ready for the CFP® and QAFP™ Exams, we do recommend study and prep work outside of the classroom and textbooks. There are a range of resources – both free and with a cost – to help candidates.

BCC Prep Course - Mock Exams, Dissection & Discussion

Want to get a feeling for what to expect on the big day? Our Financial Planning Exam Prep courses gives students two full-length mock exams which are then dissected and discussed in detail with our instructor. Designed as a live and interactive program, students work through the exams on their own time and join our instructor to pick apart questions, answers and rationales. Available as a recorded course as well.

CFP Professional Competency Profile

During your studies and before each exam, you should review the CFP® Professional Competency Profile in full. This document is based on the Body of Knowledge and will form the blueprint of the FP Canada exams, in addition to describing what a financial planning professional actually does. Does your knowledge of a topic need to be Expert, Detailed, Understanding, or Awareness? Check out the Competency Profile!

90 Day Study Schedule

Setting a schedule for structured review of the Body of Knowledge and competencies will help candidates to determine what topics need refreshing and what topics will require a deep dive back into the textbooks and technical materials. The 90 Day Study Schedule provides a framework for 20-30 minutes of review over the 90 days leading up to the exam. (Updated versions available here about four months in advance of each exam.)

FP Canada Resources

FP Canada puts together a number of resources around each exam, including the Examination Blueprint, guidelines and a helpful live webinar. (Click here for CFP Exam details or click here for QAFP Exam details.) Candidates may also choose to purchase the full-length practice exam from FP Canada. Helpful hint – order with your CFP® or QAFP™ Exam registration and save!

Registration for these exam prep courses will start in 2020. For 2019 exams, please click here to pre-register today!

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