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Course Details

There are two financial planning certification available through FP Canada™ and BCC will support students en route to both.

It is a good idea to review the FP Canada website for full details and schedule some time with Kelsey, our Student Advisor, to discuss your plans (email phone).

The CFP® certification is designed for advisors that want to provide advice to clients across a range of situations, including more complex cases. The QAFP™ is great for advisors working with Canadians with less complex financial planning needs.

Check out the paths and details on each step below.

Certification Paths

Direct Path to CFP® Certification [+]

QAFP™-to-CFP® Path to Certification [+]

Direct Path to QAFP™ Certification [+]

Path Components

Core Curriculum (QAFP™ & CFP® Certifications) [+]

Introduction to Professional Ethics (QAFP™ & CFP® Certifications) [+]

QAFP™ Exam (QAFP™ Certification) [+]

Professional Education Programs (QAFP™ and CFP® Certifications) [+]

Advanced Curriculum (CFP® Certification) [+]

CFP® Exam (CFP® Certification) [+]

Work Experience (QAFP™ & CFP® Certification) [+]

Post-Secondary Education Requirement (QAFP™ & CFP® Certification) [+]

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BCC Core Curriculum (CFP® & QAFP™ Certifications)

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Exam Prep (CFP® Certification Education Program)

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BCC Advanced Curriculum (CFP® Certification)

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FP Canada™ Introduction to Professional Ethics (CFP® & QAFP™ Designation)

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FP Canada™ Professional Education Programs (CFP® & QAFP™ Designation)

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