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BCC offers an FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum twice per year. The classes will start fairly soon after the FPSC Level 1® Exam write in order to allow enough time for completion in advance of the CFP® Exam registration deadline. Students enrolling in the Capstone Course must have completed an approved Core Curriculum or have the appropriate exemption from FPSC. Students do not need to have a passing grade on the FPSC Level 1® Exam to register and many registrants will not have their results until at least a month into the course, if they wrote the most recent exam.

Registration includes the e-Text, 22 hours of instruction, assignments with grader feedback and a live role playing interview.

Our instructor-led course does not have a self-study option. Capstone Course students will also need to purchase the appropriate Case Study from FPSC.

The Capstone Course will be the most work of the CFP® Certification Education Program. The bulk of the time will be spent on the development of a financial plan based around a FPSC Case Study. In addition to the financial plan, students will be expected to carry out many of the steps that would be required in developing a plan for a real client. There are also components testing technical knowledge and discussions around ethical considerations.

The Capstone Course is pass/fail based on the satisfactory completion of the course components.

Once the Capstone Course is completed candidates will have four years (or four attempts) to complete the CFP® Exam. If they do not meet this requirement, the Capstone Course must be completed again.


The instruction portion of our FPSC-Approved Capstone Course is made up of eleven 2 hour webinars. Students may choose between 07:00-09:00 MST or 09:15-11:15 MST. Attendance is mandatory, but if a class is missed, recordings are available to view outside of the regular hours.

The Summer 2019 schedule is being confirmed and will be posted here; alternatively, contact Penny Watt ( | 877-934-5577to be added to our interest list.

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Registration for the Summer 2019 semester will open following Easter 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 877-934-5577.


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