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  • Designed for QAFP Exam candidates that have a gap between the Core Curriculum or PEP courses and the exam write, this bundle includes four monthly review sessions and six session focused on discussing and dissecting exam questions and setting best practices for the best chance for success on the QAFP Exam.

Monthly Review

Set aside a little time each month to keep your momentum going!

Half-Day Exam Prep 

Dig into exam best practices and discuss and dissect mock exam questions and answer to help you get prepared for the QAFP Exam!


  • Monthly Review & Exam Prep Live Webinars
  • Two Full Length Mock Exams
  • 90 Day Study Schedule
  • Content Review

  • July 09, Aug 13, Sep 10 & Oct 08, 2021 (08:00-11:45 MT)
  • plus
  • Fall 2021 - Sep 09 (08:00-16:15 MT), Sep 17, 24, Oct 01 & 08 (12:30-16:15 MT)
This bundle includes the following products
QAFP Exam Prep Course
QAFP Exam Prep coursework including mock exams, recorded instruction & supporting resources
Regular price:
$450.00 CAD
QAFP Exam Prep Live Webinars
Six half-day sessions of live instruction to help you prepare for the QAFP Exam
Regular price:
$750.00 CAD
QAFP Exam Prep Monthly Review Sessions
Join Jason Watt once per month to keep engaged until the QAFP Exam.
Regular price:
$870.00 CAD
Review Course (Core Curriculum)
Review Materials for QAFP & CFP Exam Prep
Regular price:
$375.00 CAD