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Advanced Needs Analysis

Course by: Business Career College

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Needs analyses are a crucial part of an application for insurance.  A more accurate and in-depth needs analysis will help you provide better customer service and give more options for the clients. This course will look past income-based needs analysis and at needs-based analysis, which is a more accurate and robust approach. We will also glance at needs analysis for critical illness and disability insurance, taking in some considerations when analyzing the client’s need for insurance. Please note, this course requires previous knowledge of Time Value of Money and/or use of a financial calculator. This course is also meant to mimic a case study, the course difficulty level is advanced and more suited for CFP students.

Course Outline

“Advanced Needs Analysis” is suitable for the following CE Credits:

British Columbia – 1 Life, 1 A&S, 0 General

Alberta – 1 Life, 1 A&S, 0 General (AIC#55932)

Saskatchewan – 1 Life, 0 Ethics

Manitoba – 1 Life and/or A&S, 0 General (ICM#26615)

Ontario – 1 CE

FP Canada – 1 Financial Planning (7641)

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1 hour
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