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Contractual Provisions Part 1

Course by: Business Career College

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This course will cover off the first part of the many contractual provisions and definitions that govern the terms of the standard benefit contract.

Within the contract the insurance company defines such terms such as who is an eligible employee, what constitutes an accident, who are eligible dependents, what constitutes eligible earnings for benefit calculation purposes, time frames for eligibility and waiting periods, mandatory versus non-mandatory coverage, contributory versus non-contributory plans. Given the breadth of contractual provisions and definitions in the standard contract we have broken this material into two separate modules.

Course Outline

“Contractual Provisions Part 1” is suitable for the following CE Credits:

British Columbia – 2 Life, 2 A&S, 0 General

Alberta – 0 Life, 2 A&S, 0 General (AIC#47592)

Saskatchewan – 2 Life, 0 Ethics

Manitoba – 2 Life and/or A&S, 0 General (ICM#29789)

Ontario – 2 CE

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2 hours
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