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Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Course by: Business Career College

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The course is centered around answering five questions:

  1. What is cryptocurrency? Discussing the overview of cryptocurrency and some fundamental concepts to understand cryptocurrency along with several types of cryptocurrency
  2. What is a block chain? One of the ideas that underlies how cryptocurrency currently work.
  3. How do you get cryptocurrency? How Canadians can get a hold of this currency.
  4. Is cryptocurrency risky? Both the risks of buying and selling cryptocurrency and is it a viable investment vehicle.
  5. What’s next for cryptocurrency? Upcoming trends and the underlying technologies that make it possible

Course Outline

“Introduction to Cryptocurrency” is suitable for the following CE Credits:

British Columbia – 1 Life, 1 A&S, 0 General

Alberta – 1 Life, 0 A&S, 0 General (AIC#47769)

Saskatchewan – 1 Life, 0 Ethics

Manitoba – 1 Life and/or A&S, 0 General (ICM#29896)

Ontario – 1 CE

FP Canada – 1 Financial Planning (7321)

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1 hour
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