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Here's What a Few People Have to Say About Us

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    Jason Watt, CD, CLU, RHU

    Jason is easily one of the best “lecturers” I’ve come across; and I have met many from UK, US, Ghana,
    Papua New Guinea, Australia and Canada. Few “teachers” have that level of knowledge, experience,
    knack and passion to do so. He combines the “academic” with the “professional” effortlessly. And he
    does not blow his trumpet. He is great!

    Jason is genuine. He knows his subject inside and out. He is a very experienced, patient teacher and
    he knows how to impart knowledge effectively.
    He breaks down the subject matter for you to absorb
    and love with confidence. He teaches not only to pass the exams; he ensures you understand the
    subject matter for use in your practice. For example, he emphasized the need to set aside time,
    at least thirty minutes each day, to learn about our profession.

    Jason's confidence is palpable, even with the live webinars. I haven’t met him yet. I haven’t even
    seen his photo yet. I have come to like him very much in the webinars and his ability to relate
    easily with his students on the webinar.
    I’m sure all my colleagues at the webinars share similar
    affection and respect for him. I look forward to the next class! I’ve recommended Jason’s classes
    to all my colleagues with whom I’ve had brief chats about your courses and Jason, in particular.

    I’m delighted I opted for BCC.

    Dominic Owusu, CPA, MSc


    Business Career College

    I have always found the calibre of both the information and more importantly the instructors at BCC to be far superior to anywhere else I have gone for education and training.
    BCC is the only place I will send my staff to when other options are available as I know I’m getting extremely good value and my staff will be well prepared
    for their examinations. BCC’s team is dedicated to our ongoing success.

    Adrian George, CFP, CLU, TEP, FCSI




    Life License Qualification Program

    Bob, Penny, Jason, and all the staff at BCC:

    The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about my experience with BCC is 'first class'.

    I have quite a diverse background that has involved many different educational settings and learning
    strategies. The purpose of BCC for me was to prepare me for the LLQP certification. This is quite an
    intense course and one that could be easily intimidating for an individual if they are not focused and
    prepared for the work/study that awaits them to pass it. After purchasing the text book and getting
    access to the BCC online material (Moodle), I was amazed at the resources that were available to me.
    There really was no excuse to be unsuccessful in the learning of the material. I chose the online webinar
    vs the in-class seminar and had the privilege of having both Bob and Jason as instructors. Bob has the
    years of experience behind him and Jason has all the credentials. To put it simply, they know their stuff.
    Outside of the text book and the webinar, the Moodle website offers unlimited access to videos, practice
    exams with answers, and a forum with questions and answers for every module. If you so choose to not
    study from the text book then you can do so online as all the modules in the book are right there in PDF
    format. There are also other resources such as mock exams, a formula sheet, a breakdown of what to
    expect on the exam for number of questions in each module, and a cheat sheet which summarizes
    each of the concepts in the modules. All this material is there for you to review as many times as you want.

    The website is very user-friendly and all of my interaction with the staff at BCC was pleasurable.
    They really do want to see you succeed. If you do not succeed then it is clearly on you.

    BCC is easily the best and most professional in the business at what they do!

    - Kevin B

    Just to let you know, I took my provincial exam yesterday [passed]. I appreciate the detailed
    feedback from my certification exam,
    which helped me focus my study efforts.

    - Charissa


    Other Than Life Exam Preparation

    I just wanted to say thank for all your help with the webinar last week. I found the class tremendously
    helpful and the work you did to connect us all and keep us organized is very much appreciated.

    - Susan Rough

    Just to let you know, that the course was not great, it was excellent!! Since English is my 3rd language,
    believe me it was really, really good!! I passed my exam with 88% yesterday, and without this course I
    would probably never make it
    !! When I saw the books I just wanted to run away!!

    Thank you so much to Jenessa, she is fantastic!!

    - Elisabeth Correia

    I wrote on Monday and passed. Thanks so much. Without your course I don’t think I could have
    done it.
    The way you condensed everything as to what we really needed to know and not
    know was great. All the repetition throughout the week kept it in my mind.

    - Deb K.

    This past Monday I wrote my OTL Exam in London and found out today… I PASSED IT with an 80%!
    I just wanted to thank you so much for providing such a great course. Sitting down to write the actual
    OTL Exam and having it look so familiar made the whole experience less overwhelming –
    it made such a difference.
    And you were right, writing it promptly couldn’t have been a better idea.
    I can’t thank you enough – and Penny too!

    - Laura Ireson

    I wanted to say “Thank You” for the chance to attend the OTL webinar last week with Jenessa. It helped me prepare for my exam a great deal. I would not have achieved 96% on my OTL exam this morning had it
    not been for the webinar.
    Anyone wanting to write the OTL exam should attend your webinar to help them
    achieve their career goals as I did.

    - Dan Leveille


    CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Certification Program

    It’s easy to refer someone (and their business) when they are so good at what they do and so
    easy to work with.
    Thank-you very much to you, Jason & everyone else at Business Career College!
    I personally know that it would have taken me much longer to get my LLQP than it did by having Jason
    instruct me on the fundamentals of it. As far as obtaining my CFP Certification, I’m not convinced that
    I’d have achieved yet if it weren’t for Jason’s help and knowledge of the course content!

    - Tyler Dickie, CFP

    Hi Jason,

    Thought I'd touch base and let you know that I was successful on FPE2. Thanks for all your help along
    the way. I'll definitely be sending my colleagues to you if they are in courses you offer. You made the
    process (and especially the Capstone Course) easier, and less daunting.

    - Wayne Girodat CFP, CHS, CPCA

    Please thank Jason for me. I course was all I needed it to be and fit my learning style well. It has been
    decades since my college days and I need to learn by doing. I passed my final thanks to your program.

    - Phil Foreman

    I did really enjoy the class and am looking forward to the next session ... (I can't believe I am saying
    that about taxes!) Thanks for everything, See you in December.

    - Bonnie Smith

    I’d like to endorse the BCC and their team with regards to the streamlined and structured approach to the CFP program.

    If it wasn’t for the detailed and methodic instruction of Jason Watt, his team, and the system they’ve
    designed to achieve success, I’m positive I would not have achieved my goal in the expedited timeline I did.

    Thanks again, BCC,

    - Dave Keppler


    Life License Qualification Program

    Take the LLQP course at The Business Career College and follow their 'recipe' and materials to a tee,
    you can't go wrong. Simply stick to their recommendations and you will have success on passing the
    provincial exam.
    Very knowledgeable teachers and staff and they simplify the course material to concepts
    that are practical and easy to understand. I have two small boys and didn't have extra time to study for
    months as preparation so this was excellent and efficient.. money well spent. Kudos, just over two weeks
    after taking the course I passed the Provincial and am on my way to my new career! ;-)

    - Nicole S.

    Just a quick note to say "Thank You All" for the support when I attended the webinar class at BCC.
    Just want to say that after passing my first try of certification exam in February, I have also passed
    my Alberta Provincial Exam at Alberta Insurance Council in March 2012(which was also my first try).
    Again, thank you all for the support and the wonderful experience I had with BCC.
    More power to you guys!!! And I hope that you will help more people to be successful in the
    financial [services industry].

    - Ren H.

    Hi Bob,

    I would like to say a big "Thank You" as you’re one of the best instructors I’ve ever met. I enjoyed the seminar
    very much and learned a lot of new practical knowledge about life insurance and seg. funds. It was three
    intensive days but I am glad that I did it!

    - Sabrina Tu

    I wanted to inform you that I wrote and passed the provincial exam yesterday with a mark of 71%. It’s not a fantastic grade but I am glad to be done that one! Thank you for all your assistance and flexibility on the qualification exam. I really appreciated it! Business Career College ran a great course and I found the
    combination of book, webinar and videos to be fantastic.

    Thanks again,

    - Terry Houston


    Other Than Life Exam Preparation

    I first started for the cooperators just over 2 months ago. I had freshly graduated from York University and
    was looking forward to beginning a career with The Cooperators. My employer insisted that I write the
    exam ASAP. So I studied for 2 weeks and then wrote the exam. I scored 63%. I was pretty discouraged
    but I knew that I needed to study longer to pass the exam. I wrote the exam a few weeks later and scored
    71%. That was frustrating. So then I studied for another week and got 74% on my 3rd attempt.
    Only 1 percent off! That was unbelievably frustrating! I mean I have an honours degree from a university and
    speak 4 languages, and I couldn't even get passed the basic insurance exam. I don't think I've ever been
    so down about a test in my life. My employer suggested that I then take the OTL prep course before
    attempting the next time in order to save myself some frustration. I took the course and probably did
    about 1200-1400 practice questions in about 7 days. My last three practice exams I scored
    95%, 94% and 96%, so I was getting very good. I felt incredibly confident and wrote the OTL
    on the following monday. A few days later I received notice that I passed the exam with 84% :D.
    I was very very happy to finally get past this initial step.

    My advice to everyone attempting the OTL exam:

    Study the material for about 2-4 weeks and then take the OTL prep course. It's probably one of the best investments you will ever make. The course is a little pricy, but it also costs a lot of money to keep
    retrying the test over and over.

    Save yourself the time and frustration, take the OTL prep exam.

    - Paul

    The OTL Webinar was one of the best things I could have done to prepare for my OTL Exam. Jenessa
    was great at explaining everything, she made sure everyone understood the material. The online practice
    exams were also a great tool. The OTL Webinar was one of the main reasons why I passed my exam
    and did better than I expected.

    - Ryan D.


    Life License Qualification Program

    I just wanted to thank everyone at the Business Career College for helping me pass my LLQP Exam.
    I just received the results today and I passed. Phew! Tough exam; couldn’t have done it without you!!
    I found both the in class and online instruction to be second to none. Having taken university level
    courses, I found BCC to be comparable. Also, I really appreciated how responsive everyone at the
    Business Career College was to my questions and concerns. I really felt as if I had a team behind me
    that encouraged my success.

    - Lynn Hazen-Favorite

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts in helping me complete this course
    successfully. It's a great program!! The study material, online YouTube (great job Jason), the quizzes
    (I found especially helpful), the forums (I found reading others forums useful), and just the overall
    "package" was incredible. Needless to say, I passed yesterday's exam!

    Once again, thanks a bunch!!! I would recommend any of your courses to others seeking success
    in their studies.

    - Rick D.

    I attended the seminar presented by you at Edmonton Business Career College. Even though I did not
    have any background in Insurance, I found the seminar to be very effective. I was highly impressed
    by the way Bob presented in the seminar and clarified any questions we had. I was able to pass the
    Provincial Exam in the very first attempt and the full credit goes to the team at Business
    Career College.
    The videos presented by Jason on YouTube were very resourceful as well.
    Once again thank you so much.


    - Parmender Dhankhar


    Financial Planning Exam Prep Seminars

    Hello Jason & Penny,

    Thank you so much for the help with the FPE1®, without your exam prep I would not have had
    Just got the news today that I have passed the exam and I cannot thank you enough your course
    gave me the direction I needed to prepare. After the course I spent a large amount of my time studying
    the FPSC Competency Profile Appendix B Technical Knowledge with the combination of your course and
    the competency profile I was ready to write the exam.

    - Trent Gabrielle, CAIB, CFP


    Jason & Penny,

    A heartfelt thank you to you both!

    I passed the FPE2® and I know that it was because of your help! If you ever have time when you are in
    Regina, please feel free to come by the office. [We] would love to treat you to lunch!

    Thanks again!

    - Zena Amundsen


    Life License Qualification Program

    I wanted to send a personal "Thank You" for all the resources and support your company provided
    during my LLQP and beyond. I passed my FIRST attempt at the Alberta Insurance Council, and I am so
    grateful to Business Career College.

    I do have others that I have passed the BCC information to; one co-worker has also attended and
    passed the LLQP with your company. I will not hesitate to continue to pass along the experience and
    information I have obtained from the BCC.

    Thanks so much again for all that you do, it makes a difference for someone like me, who doesn't
    necessarily rely on this license to continue my present employment, which could put me in a
    category of "not all that interested in obtaining such a license" since I won't be selling life products
    myself. … Alas, I have learned much from this course that will inevitably provide me with
    tools to help others
    , and having an extra license to compliment my BC mortgage broker license,
    is never a bad thing.

    Please also pass this along to Bob, as he was also beyond helpful as an instructor in this
    short journey I took…

    - Anon.

    I wrote my LLQP in July and passed on the first attempt (I guess your exam is pretty indicative of the actual Council Exam).

    Thank you and the whole Business Career College team. Also, a special thanks to Bob and Jason
    for their very helpful webinar. It helped anchor the concepts and gave me more confidence going into the
    actual council exam.

    - Doug Guest


    General Level 1 Exam Prep

    Jenessa was a fantastic instructor and doing what she assigned for homework and how to prepare for
    the exam was extremely beneficial. The course booklet that was provided was VERY helpful. Without
    this course, I know I would have failed my first attempt.
    The Moodle exams were helpful with
    understanding the material as this is what the General 1 Test is testing for! This is definitely not the
    ending to my learning and I will be using BCC again.

    Thank You!

    - Amanda Bartman

    Thank you. This course was great. It took the massive amount of information that I had been staring
    at for months and condensed it to something manageable and easy to digest and understand.
    This was my third attempt and the difference I was feeling when I was in the test was huge.
    There were still a few questions I felt lost on, but the amount of questions where I felt confident in the
    answer far outweighed the uncertainty. I have already recommended this course to my co-worker
    still working on her license and would again.

    Thank you,

    - Angela Rawlings

    I have completed the Level 1 exam. First attempt I got 69% second attempt I got 79%. I also decided
    to challenge the Level 2 the following Monday and passed first try. I found the course, practice exams
    and study material we were provided extremely helpful. Janessa was a wonderful teacher and I would
    recommend her course to anyone looking to get licensed.

    Thank you,

    - Melanie Dompe


    CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Certification Program

    Thank you so very much for the experience. Jason: sincerest appreciation for your efforts teaching. Your
    white boards are very well laid out and your format and style are so interesting. Thank you for the excellent
    job of teaching. I feel much more confident learning now.
    I wholeheartedly endorse the BCC training experience.

    - Paul Dwyer

    I was happy with the materials provided for the course. Overall the explanations given and practice
    questions were all pertinent to the course material and I would recommend these courses to anyone
    looking to become a CFP® [professional]

    - Brett Eskes

    Chartered Life Underwriter® Designation Program


    I wanted to thank you for your help with my CLU Designation Program Course 237. I got my mark back
    and it was far better than I expected which was due in no small part to the course content
    and you
    convincing me to take the course.

    I found out yesterday that we - and I mean we - got the highest average in Alberta for 2014. 
    I wished I would have known that you ran the courses for the previous

    I’ve recommended the classes to anyone who is interested in taking their CLU.

    Thanks for all your help and patience. I would never have achieved this on my own.

    Thanks again,

    - Laura Dear, BSc, CFP, CHS


    Continuing Education Seminars

    The 2 day [Continuing Education seminar] offered by Business Career College was very informative and worthwhile. The industry information [presenters] were ... highlights from the program that I really benefited
    from. To be able to complete my 15 hours for both Life and A&S at a reasonable cost and with minimal
    disruption to my business
    means I'll be back again next year.”

    - Michael W.



    I really enjoy these days.
    You do a great job!
    Thank you.

    - Duane D. Gibb


    Thank you for a great two days. We have never attended the school and found it very helpful!
    The speakers were great, a nice variety.

    - Stacey Stone