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    The American Society for Quality (ASQ) offers Certifications in many Quality roles that benefit professionals seeking business opportunities. In addition, the Calgary section provides networking, quality discussion
    groups, certification exam facilitation and newsletters to its membership. Periodically we also provide
    plant Tours, dinner meetings and Conferences.

    ASQ would like to thank our sponsor Business Career College for their support.

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    The Nine Rules of Credit - Live

    Richard Moxley, ECredit Fix

    Ever wonder what makes up your credit score? That 3 digit score that controls every financial aspect
    of your life! Once you learn the Nine Rules of Credit you can increase your credit score quickly and avoid
    making costly mistakes in the future. Having and maintaining good credit is much more than just paying your
    bills on time. Learn all the Nine Rules of Credit that so you can play the credit game to win!

    You don't want to miss these "insider secrets"!

    Extremely limited seating for this FREE event! Make sure you register today.

    Please feel free to invite friends, family, colleagues, clients or pass it along through Facebook and Linkedin.


    Mark Reaume Insurance Agency Limited

    State Farm Insurance®

    We are currently looking for individuals interested in an insurance career within a service and sales
    environment where we strive to always provide remarkable customer service.

    We do this through a Professional, Friendly, Customer Service Oriented focus on every transaction.
    Candidates should have a General Level 1 license and be committed to entering into the LLQP program.
    They should also have strong customer service skills with an emphasis on building relationships
    and be highly organized with an attention to detail.

    We offer a competitive compensation and benefits program with both base rate and commission components
    based on results. Our office is located in South West Calgary.

    Should you wish to be considered for a Sales/Service position please forward your resume to:

    The term "State Farm Insurance”, as well as all logos and graphics using the State Farm name are the intellectual property of and/or
    federally registered trademarks/servicemarks owned by the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and its
    affiliated organizations.
  • Your Clients and Future Clients Travel!

    How do your clients spend the money they invest, their annual tax returns or the extra money you help
    them to save? They travel! Many of your clients spend their extra money treating themselves to a
    vacation, helping their child travel or inviting family from abroad to stay for extended periods of time.

    Your clients are not only looking for an advisor they can trust but also the convenience of a ‘one- stop-shop’. Adding travel insurance to your product shelf can not only help you keep your clients but attract new ones!

    It is Your Job to Financially Protect Your Clients

    Emergency medical expenses can be astronomical! This is true for both Visitors to Canada and travelling Canadians. A single uncovered medical emergency can be of significant detriment to your client’s financial standing. You client might not have any other choice but to use their retirement savings to cover resulting expenses. As a financial advisor, your fiduciary duty to help protect your client’s assets should include the insistence of travelling with travel insurance.

    The Benefits to You

    - Travel insurance products can help you financially protect your clients and therefore, your existing business
    - Travel insurance can help you to grow your business: if you offer a product your competitors don’t, it’s only a matter of time before their business becomes yours. (Remember the convenience of a ‘one-stop-shop’!)
    - Many of our travel insurance policies are quick and easy to write: most can be completed over the phone or online
    - Travel Insurance provides you and your business with an extra source of income
    - Travel Insurance helps you to improve your relationship with your clients

    Why Partner with Travelance?

    We have the recipe for success! Through our partnership, you will enjoy:
    - The simplicity of administering and processing policies through our easy to use online agent portal
    - Ongoing training and support from a dedicated Regional Sales Manager to help ensure your
    success with our suite of products
    - Full access to our Policy Administration and Agent Service teams

    For more information, or to partner with us, visit www.travelance, call 1-855-566-8555
    or email

  • Need an LLQP Tutor?

    Sometimes it's not easy to understand what's in front of you, but, if put in different light, it can make
    complete sense.

    My name is Wei and I have been an agent with a national financial services company for over 5 years.

    I have a passion for this industry and I want to share my knowledge. Ever since I completed the LLQP and obtained my life license, I have met with various people: teachers, business owners, professionals,
    government employees and families to assist with their financial planning. This included working and learning
    from different specialists to help with more advanced planning.

    I am well versed in practical application of the LLQP and with my experience, I can help with clarification
    as well as give insight on how to apply these concepts in real life scenarios.

    Feel free to contact me anytime at (780) 239-9318 or to set up an appointment
    or for more information.

    I look forward to meeting with you.


    Wei Chew


    TFP Investment Counsel Corp.

    Selling your book? Retiring?

    We offer top dollar for quality MFDA/IIROC books and a safe pair of hands for your clients.

    Call David Jones at 604-687-5884 for a confidential conversation.

    TFP Investment Counsel Corp.
    1401 - 675 West Hastings St
    Vancouver, BC V6B 1N2



    Estate Plan Checkup

    Often we are reminded that it is a good idea to have an annual medical; especially once we reach the age
    of 40 years. Continued good health depends a great deal on early detection of potential problems.

    The same is true of an estate plan. Early detection of problems avoids much hardship.

    A good number of our tax laws trigger tax on various events, often depending on a deemed disposition.
    There is nothing immoral or illegal in organizing your affairs to minimize the impact of tax.

    Accordingly, it is important to remember that a good plan taking into account the effect of tax and maximizing return is also a good plan for life.

    For your Estate Plan Checkup:

    Remi G. St.Pierre, B.A., LL.B., TEP

    602-Centre 104
    5241 Calgary Trail NW
    Edmonton AB T6H 5G8



    Rupert Case Management

    Knowing how to protect your client’s wealth is important.

    Knowing how to protect your client’s health is even more critical.

    Referring your clients to Rupert Case Management’s excellent healthcare advisory services will protect
    their health and the health of their business.

    Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM) is expert at providing complex case management.
    For over 20 years RCM has met and exceeded the needs of executives, retirees and families.

    HR managers welcome our innovative approach to personalized employee absence and
    disability management. CFOs value our cost effective case management solutions that
    reduce the costs of absence & disability by up to 50%.

    RCM gives our referral network partners personalized tools to help you succeed in helping your clients.
    We also pay generous compensation for new and recurring business.

    Set yourself apart -- As a complement to your wealth or insurance business, by offering RCM’s
    real time medical intervention services.

    Protect your business relationship by giving your clients the best healthcare options available.
    Differentiate your insurance and investment advisory practice by offering ‘non-insurance’ benefit solutions.
    Build loyalty by helping clients connect with RCM when complex health issues arise

    RCM’s healthcare solutions open conversations that resonate with family, friends, and business colleagues. Achieve the most from your relationships today. We make it easy.

    Start with your personal acquaintances, the smallest prospect list or your well-managed client-base.
    With every contact you’ll discover opportunity to match health concerns to RCM solutions
    – appreciated by all.

    Learn more about RCM’s full suite of individual and group health solutions.
    Your future financial and career success will be healthier for it.

    Contact us today by email.