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You already know that a referral is one of the best ways to reach new clients.

According to a 2009 study by The Nielsen Company, ninety percent of consumers say they have the most faith in recommendations from people they know about companies, services, products, and various educational programs

Designations are no different; the most trusted way for an organization to get its name in front of its potential holders and recognized by clients is through word-of-mouth.

CIEPS has started the "Refer a Friend or Associate Program" for current EPC Designation holders. By referring someone to the Elder Planning Counselor™ Designation Program, there are benefits for you, an EPC Member, to enjoy.

All that is necessary is to refer a friend, associate, family member or other professional. Upon completion of the EPC™ Designation Program, either in class or by Distance Learning, CIEPS will waive your next EPC Membership Renewal.

You benefit by helping to grow the visibility of the designation and save on your next renewal.

In order to qualify for this EPC Membership Renewal incentive, the student must mention your name during registration and upon completion of the program. For each referral you provide, an additional year’s membership will be waived.

Students must be newly registered.

With your support and dedication, the number of EPC Designation holders across Canada will increase and our aging society will be better served.

Please do not hesitate to contact Alex Nicholson, CIEPS Registrar, with any questions that you may have.