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Life License Qualification Program - prepare to advise on a broad range of insurance products

Choosing life insurance can be confusing. As a knowledgeable, licensed professional, you can advise Canadians on insurance products that provide peace of mind and financial security for their loved ones.

The Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) course curriculum includes both life insurance and accident & sickness modules.

Successful completion of all course components, including certification exams, enables you to write the provincial licensing exam and to apply for Life insurance and Accident & Sickness Insurance license in any Canadian jurisdiction except Quebec.

Who should enrol?

  • Individuals interested in selling life insurance and health or disability insurance.

Types of jobs

  • Insurance Agent

Courses required

Ready to get started?

Pathway title

Step 1
Registration with CIPR

Before you enrol, get a registration number from the Canadian Insurance Participant Registry.

Step 2
Coursework and Exams

Complete the HA&S Certification Course and pass the included certification exams.

Step 3
Licensing Exams

Pass your provincial licensing exam.

Step 4
Apply for License

Apply to the licensing authority in your home jurisdiction. Each has its own specific licensing requirements.

  • Requirements
  • Maintaining certifications
  • Specializations
  • Continuing education
  • Resources


  • Complete the A&S LLQP Certification Course and pass the included certification exams.
  • Once you have passed your certification exams, BCC will send notice to CIPR, which allows you to register for your licensing exam.
  • Pass your provincial licensing exam.
  • Apply for your license through to your home licencing authority. Each Canadian jurisdiction has its own licensing authority and specific licensing requirements (links to each regulating body in the chart below). Common items include errors and omissions insurance and a criminal records check.
  • Ensure you have a sponsor (employer or sponsoring insurance agency) to recommend you.
  • Maintain certification through continuing education. BCC provides a variety of qualifying webinars and podcasts each year.

Maintaining certifications

You will be required to renew your insurance license regularly through your insurance regulator. The frequency and requirements vary by jurisdiction.


If you would like to enhance your knowledge about more complex insurance matters, there are specialized courses you can take that will allow you to better serve your clients. These courses may also count toward your continuing education requirements.

  • The Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) certification provides the education needed to differentiate your practice in complex wealth transfer and estate planning. Read more
  • The Elder Planning Counselor™ (EPC™) course provides education for professionals working with clients over 55 in many different fields, including financial planning, insurance, accounting, funeral planning, social work, and nursing. Read more
  • The Certified Health Insurance Specialist® (CHS®) certification is the only health insurance-focused certification in Canada

Continuing education

Your education doesn’t stop once you earn your certification. To best serve your clients, it’s important to stay current on the latest insurance solutions through Continuing Education.

Continuing Education requirements vary by province.


As you navigate your way through your certification, the following resources may help:

We’ll answer commonly asked questions in our FAQ.

Direct to LLQP courses

The Harmonized Life License Qualification Program (HLLQP) provides training for a career in selling life insurance and the related financial products. This course includes the certification required to write the provincial licensing exams and to apply for Life Insurance and Accident and Sickness Insurance licenses.

The Harmonized Top up from Accident & Sickness course provides the materials for a student who already has an Accident & Sickness license to upgrade to a full Life License. This course includes the certifications required to write the provincial licensing exam for the Top up from Accident & Sickness.

Need a little help getting through your course? Whether you're with BCC or another provider, the below resources may work well for you. Take advantage of our knowledgeable instructors for comprehensive live and interactive instruction covering the course modules.

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