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The description of each assignment is available on pages 151-153 of the course text.

January 23: Submit preliminary Collection portion. (10%)

Late fee: $50 if submitted after January 23, 2015

February 11: Submit the complete set of numbers supporting the income surplus or shortfall at age 40.  (10%)

Late fee $100 if submitted after February 11, 2015

March 13: Submit your completed Financial Plan. (40%)

Late fee: $150 if submitted after March 13, 2015

March 21: Live Client Presentation. Deadline for the submission of Ethics Assignment, Quizzes and 20 Questions Assignment (10% Each)

You will present your plan to a client via webinar. You should schedule this with Jason in advance, and block aside 30 minutes of your day for it.

March 30: Final assignment deadline.

If you have not handed in all assignments by this date, you will need to re-enrol. Re-enrolment or Deferral Fee ($300)


What if I miss a deadline?

Missing a deadline means that there will be no guarantee that you will have your marks back in time to write CFP Exam in June. If a deadline is missed, there will be late fees charged to continue with the course.  If you take longer than to the end of March to complete any assignment, you will have to re-enroll in the course.

What if I fail a component?

You need a cumulative 60% to pass. No one component requires a passing grade on its own. If you do fail any component, you will be allowed to resubmit it for grading a second time. However, if you resubmit it after the deadlines, as published above, there can be no guarantee that you will have your marks in time for CFP Exam in June. For that reason, students are encouraged to complete all work prior to the published deadlines.

What if I don't complete a component?

All components must be completed in order to receive a passing grade. If I (Jason) feel that you have not met FPSC’s standard, that section will be marked as incomplete and you will not be able to proceed to the CFP Exam.

What if I can't make a webinar or seminar?

Attendance on webinars is mandatory. If you miss a webinar you will be able to access the recording later in Moodle later. If you do miss a webinar, and watch it later, you will have to let Jason know. Capstone course work will not be graded until the student is caught up on all available webinars.

Webinar Dates:
Jan 09: Course Layout and Introduction
Jan 16: Financial Planning Software and Excel
Jan 23: Cash Flow and Personal Net Worth Statements
Jan 30: The Competency Profile
Feb 03: Time Value of Money Calculations - Pension Example
Feb 09: Financial Planning Projections - The Crystal Ball
Feb 13: Analysis - Risk Management Example
Feb 20: Recommendations - Risk Management Example
Feb 27: LinkedIn Posts and Moodle Quizzes
Mar 06: FPE Info
Mar 13: Final Call/After-Action/Feedback

Other Important Dates:

Summer 2015

FPSC Level 1™ Exam Prep – Edmonton – May 01, 02, & 29, 2015
FPSC Level 1™ Exam Prep – Webinar – May 04, 05, 06, & 19, 2015
CFP® Exam Prep – Webinar – May 07, 08, & 30, 2015
CFP® Exam Prep – Calgary – May 09, 10, & 11, 2015

June 05, 2015: FPSC Level 1 and CFP Exam.
Results will likely be out the week of July 13, however this has not been confirmed with the FPSC.

Fall 2015

FPSC Level 1™ Exam Prep – Webinar – November 01, 02, & 13, 2015
FPSC Level 1™ Exam Prep – Calgary – November 05, 06, & 07, 2015
CFP® Exam Prep – Edmonton – November 03, 04, & 12, 2015
CFP Exam Prep –Webinar – November 9, 10 & 11, 2015

November 27, 2015: FPSC Level 1 and CFP Exam date (to be confirmed)


  • Must attend all live webinars or preview recorded webinars
  • Must submit assignments as per due date or pay late fee