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Students at Business Career College are expected to adhere to certain standards concerning their studies.

Students submitting work will have done all work on their own. Collaboration is only permitted where explicitly indicated as such by the instructor. Students are expected to exercise due care in identifying potential plagiarism. Work prepared by others and submitted as supporting documentation must be cited appropriately.

Any material provided for assessment purposes, including exam questions, case studies, and course content is subject to non-disclosure. Students shall not use, or contribute to the use of, course material provided by BCC to create licensing preparation or exam preparation materials that will be sold or otherwise distributed as part of a business arrangement. Students may not possess or seek information from other students, persons or sources unless specifically authorized for the subject exam or activity (as in a collaborative assignment). Offering unauthorized assistance to another student will be considered the same as obtaining it. Students shall not impersonate/represent or attempt to impersonate/represent other students and shall not seek the same.

Violations of this policy will result in:

In the case of an initial minor violation of this policy, BCC will inform the student and request that no further violations occur.

In the case of repeated violations or a single serious transgression, such as plagiarism or the photocopying or other redistribution of exam materials, BCC shall suspend its relationship with the student and inform the appropriate authority (eg. Insurance Regulator, Advocis, or FP Canada).

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