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Elder Planning Counselor (EPC™)

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Help your clients navigate their finances in all stages of life.

The Elder Planning Counselor (EPC™) course provides education for financial services professionals interested in specializing in the often-complex needs of their elder clients. The EPC curriculum provides a complete look at the evolving and specialized needs of individuals as they continue to age.

Advisors are shown how to operate an elder-friendly practice and provide ethical and compliant advice and options as required by relevant provincial and federal regulations. The EPC curriculum demonstrates proper and effective use of financial products and services used most often by elders. In addition, the EPC curriculum provides a deep dive into the physical and mental changes that occur as we age so advisors can assist clients in a highly professional manner.

BCC EPC Instructor-led Training

The course is designed to help you understand the issues facing the elder population and prepare you to plan solutions for their well-being.

  • Live webinars bring the books to life with context and practice 
  • Students who take the live webinar complete the course 
  • Dialogue with instructor and students 
  • Learn how to use the EPC and grow your practice
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