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Earning CE Credits is easy.

Welcome to CE Drive, a CE podcast for Canadian Financial Planners, Investment Advisors, and Insurance Agents.

Our podcast provides essential education that professionals in the financial and life insurance industries can use to meet their annual CE requirements.
Most episodes are approved for several CE credits, so you can obtain various credits concurrently. Most episodes include the following pre-approved credits:

  • Advocis/IAS/IAFE credits
  • Alberta Life and/or A&S credits
  • FP Canada Financial Planning credits
  • IIROC Professional Development credits
  • Insurance Council of Manitoba credits for life agents in BC, SK, and ON, your

For life agents in BC, SK, and ON, your credits are based on self-approval.
A few episodes are approved for FP Canada Professional Responsibility credits and Saskatchewan Ethics credits.
No credits are available for any Quebec requirements at this time.

Please click here to view full CE podcast credits.

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S03E19 - Ethics Lessons from Season 3 Part I

Jason mines content from the first 8 episodes of Season 3 for content with an ethics perspective. This episode features short clips from those interviews followed by discussion about how the content fits with financial planning and insurance codes of conduct.

S03E18 –Life Insurance Fundamentals

Financial planner and insurance specialist Jeremiah Renner joins Jason and shares the secret sauce that help him succeed in the family insurance market.

S03E17 – Retirement Planning Scenarios

Cybersecurity consultant Mike Alguire joins Jason for a discussion of all things crypto-currency in the second of a two-part series. In this episode we discuss bitcoin mining and investing in cryptocurrencies.

S03E16 - Deciphering Cryptocurrency Part II

Cybersecurity consultant Mike Alguire joins Jason for a discussion of all things crypto-currency in the second of a two-part series. In this episode we discuss bitcoin mining and investing in cryptocurrencies.

S03E15 - Deciphering Cryptocurrency Part I

Cybersecurity consultant Mike Alguire joins Jason for a discussion of all things crypto-currency in the first of a two-part series. In this episode we discuss the mysterious origins of bitcoin and what mining is.

S03E14 - The Truth About Health Care Preferences

Join Dr Daren Heyland of www.planwellguide.com for a discussion about health care decision-making and preferences. Dr Heyland discusses where financial advisors could better position health care decision­making

S03E13 - The Overlap Between the Leasing

Join Angela Armstrong of Prime Capital for a discussion of the leasing business. Angela has been providing capital to small and medium businesses for two decades. Her relationship with her customers will sound very familiar to any financial advisor.

S03E12 - HSAs and the Value of Expertise

Join Jason and Steve McEwan of MyHSA for a conversation concerning Health Spending Accounts. Steve is one of Canada's leading experts in the field. He understands the taxes and the risks of these plans and has built a successful business providing service to advisors.

S03E11 - Retirement Income Planning

Join Jason and Mark Walhout of Walhout Financial for a discussion around retirement planning. Mark applies an evidence-based approach to retirement income planning and only serves families who are anticipating retirement.

S03E1O - TPAs and Other Acronyms You Need to Know

Join Jason and Mike McClenahan of Benefits By Design (BBD) and president of the Third Party Administrators Association of Canada (TPAAC). Mike covers a broad range of group benefits topics, including building a business, the importance of education, and flexible benefit plans.

S03E09 - Nerding out on Group Benefits

Join Jason and Dave Patriarche of Canadian Group Insurance Brokers and Mainstay Insurance. Dave is one of Canada's leading authorities on group benefits.

S03E08 - AML Why it Matters

Join Jason and AML expert Mike Cosgrove of TAMLO as they discuss the realities of money laundering and how it impacts financial services professionals.

S03E07 - Advising Physicians

Jason and financial planner Adrian George discuss advising physicians. They discuss Adrian's approach to helping clients that are physicians. Adrian's technical expertise and knowledge of behavioural finance concepts play prominently in his practice.

S03E06 - RDSP Specialist

Jason and financial planner Johnathan discuss the finer points of the RDSP. Johnathan is highly knowledgeable about the RDSP and teaches Jason a few things along the way!

S03E05 - Retirement Compensation Arrangement

Jason and financial planner Tim discuss the Retirement Compensation Arrangement from both a technical and behavioural perspective.

S03E04 - Estate Planning Challenges for Financial Advisors

Jason and financial planners Christopher and Stephen discuss some of the challenges financial advisors encounter in helping clients with their estate planning.

S03E03 - Introducing the CPP Calculator

Join Jason and financial planner and entrepreneur David Field for a discussion of David's online CPP Calculator.

S03E02 - Freelancing in Financial Planning

Jason and financial planner Alexandra Macqueen discuss what freelancers face in several areas, from writing financial planning content to financial planning for low-income Canadians. Learn about developing a pro bono financial planning model and important securities licensing requirements.

S03E01 - Workers Compensation

Jason and lawyer Howard Goldford discuss how WCB in Alberta administers claims, how disputes are handled, and how this relates to other income loss benefits.

S02E20 - Content Marketing

Join Jason and advisors Shawn Todd and Corey Butler.

S02E19 - Group Benefits Communication and Risk

Jason and group benefits broker Lori Power discuss communication and risk issues in group benefits contracts.

S02E18 - Business Valuatio

Jason and Certified Business Valuator Eric Mah discuss business valuation principles.

S02E17 - Incapacity Planning

Jason and Erin share incapacity concerns, followed by Jason discussing policies and procedures for testing a client’s capacity.

S02E16 - Cash Flow Planning for Business Owners

Jason and Lisa discuss cash flow planning for business owners.

S02E15 - Contingency Planning for Business Owners

Jason and Erin discuss the perils of business owners who have not done sufficient personal planning, and how an advisor can help mitigate these concerns.

S02E14 - Mental Health and Underwriting

Jason and Jessica discuss insurance underwriting.

S02E13 - Life Insurance Leverage

Jason and Darren discuss life insurance leverage strategy.

S02E12 - Retirement Planning and CPP Disability

Jason and his guests, Tab and Brad, discuss retirement planning with a specific focus on pensions and CPP disability.

S02E11 - RRIF Beneficiary Gone Wrong

Jason and his guest, Chris, discuss a RRIF beneficiary designation gone wrong and how it was resolved.

S02E010 - OCIO Part 2

Join Jason and Steve for a discussion of the role of the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer.

S02E09 - OCIO Part 1

Jason and his guests, Kelvin and Derrick, share insights about managing assets.

S02E08 - Insuring Business Owners

Jason and Michael discuss scenarios in which Michael was able to put insurance in force to support buy & sell.

S02E07 - Debt Management

In this episode, Jason and Ian discuss debt management.

S02E06 – Incorporation

Join Jason and Ray as they continue their discussion about incorporating.

S02E05 - Certification and Incorporation

Jason and Ray discuss the benefits of incorporation for a medical professional. They also discuss the state of regulation of financial planning as well as financial advice.

S02E04 - Getting Started

Jason and his guests, Mitchell and Garrett, discuss buying a block of investment business and getting clients used to hearing retirement advice from a young advisor.

S02E03 - Unconventional Solutions

Our guests, Mitchell and Megan, each have a unique story about using unconventional methods to help their clients get the most out of their services.

S02E02 - Generating Value for Clients

Jason and his guests, Nathen and Kelley, talk about using elements of the financial planning process to bring value to their clients.

S02E01 - Capacity Concerns

Jason and his guests, Derek and Dawn, share their experiences in dealing with clients who may be experiencing diminishing mental capacity.

Bonus Episode - CFP Board Research

In this bonus episode, Jason is on location at the CFP Board Conference with Ryan and Tanya. They share their experiences at the conference and their favorite sections.

S01E10 – Financial Planning Concepts

Jason and his guests, Shyam and Chris, discuss two specific financial planning cases. One of them is about clients who are small business owners, and the other is about clients who are relocating to Canada from the U.S.

S01E09 - Registered Disability Savings Plan

Jason and his guests, Craig and Ian, revisit financial planning for people with disabilities, specifically regarding the RDSP.

S01E08 – Retirement Planning

Jason and his guests, Chris, Craig, and Mitchell, share their ideas and experiences in retirement planning.

S01E07 – Optimizing Client Value

Jason and his guests, Megan and Russ, talk about how to optimize your value for your clients.

S01E06 – Client Asset Management

Jason and his guests, Kelvin and Derrick, share insights about managing assets.

S1E05 - Behavioural Finance

Jason and his guests discuss how human behavior and tendencies affect financial planning.

S01E04 – Canada Pension Plan Decisions

Jason and his guests, Kent and Marshall, talk about the Canada Pension Plan and how to utilize it.

S01E03 – Advisor Education

Jason discusses the benefits of advisor education, how to choose the education that works for you, and much more with his guests, Kent and Ian.

S01E02 - Unraveling Divorce

Jason and his guests, Kelly and Jeff, talk about divorce from the perspective of financial planning.

S01E01 - Disability Tax Benefits

In our first episode of CE Drive, Jason discusses disability tax benefits including their pros and cons and nuances with his guests, Derek and Melanie.