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Part of the BCC CFP® Certification Education Program (Click for more info.) The BCC CFP® Certification Education Program (Click to hide)
is built around a flexible framework of support and engaging instruction for every step of the process. We specialize in useful knowledge and have developed our materials for today’s busy financial professional. We have two goals: successful completion of the certification exams and the development of practical skills.

There are four steps to obtaining the CFP® Designation.

  1. FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum Program
  2. FPSC Level 1® Examination in Financial Planning
  3. FPSC-Approved Capstone Course
  4. CFP® Examination

The Exams

FPSC Level 1® Exams  and CFP® Exams are held twice a year by the FPSC. Generally the exams are written in June and November with registration closing one month in advance.

The FPSC Level 1® Exam is a computer based exam made up of roughly 95 multiple choice questions which must be completed in 4 hours. Read more about the exam here.

The 6 hour computer based CFP® Exam is made up of two three hours sections with a lunch break in between. You can read more about this exam here.


Prep Courses

To help students get ready for the exams, Business Career College offers exam prep courses in the month leading up to the exam write.

The FPSC® Level 1 Exam Prep features two full length mock exam to give students the opportunity to get familiar with the types of questions they will attempt. While the answers are available for self-assessment, a really valuable resource can be found with a three day live instruction seminar or webinar. During this time students will be able to ask any last minute questions and take a deep dive into the rationale of the mock exam.

The CFP® Exam Prep provides three sets of case studies and mock exam questions provide the foundation of the prep course and those students choosing the instruction option will enjoy a valuable three days of question and answer review with our instructor.


Study Schedule

We have also developed a free 90 Day Study Schedule which takes a list of topics likely to be on the exam and organizes them over the three months leading up to the write. The main goal of the schedule is to encourage a little bit of study every day, something students should make a habit from the start of the CFP® Certification Education Program.

Level 1 Exam Study Schedule | CFP Exam Study Schedule

Other Resources

For a full list of resources from BCC and FPSC, please click here for Level 1 or here for CFP Exam info.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 877-934-5577.


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