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BCC CFP® Certification Education Program

The BCC CFP® Certification Education Program is built around a flexible framework of support and engaging instruction for every step of the process. We specialize in useful knowledge and have developed our materials for today’s busy financial professional. We have two goals: successful completion of the certification exams and the development of practical skills.

There are four steps to obtaining the CFP® Designation.

  1. FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum Program
  2. FPSC Level 1® Examination in Financial Planning
  3. FPSC-Approved Capstone Course
  4. CFP® Examination


Our Core Curriculum is made up of 18 chapters spread over four courses. Each course requires a passing grade on a multiple choice quiz and the completion of any assignments.

BCC students have access to electronic textbooks, case studies, instructional videos and online assignments and quizzes. Support is available through the use of online forums. Assignments and quizzes can be completed at any time online without supervision.

Students may wish to attend Live Instruction classes which are a great way to focus and engage with the materials while benefiting from the expertise of our instructor. Our classroom and webinar students have a great track record of completing the courses and moving onto the next steps on schedule.

A financial calculator is required for the program and our materials will teach to the Texas Instrument TI BAII Plus calculator (around $50).

Once the Core Curriculum is complete candidates will have four years (or four attempts) to pass the FPSC Level 1® Exam. If they do not meet this requirement, the curriculum must be completed again.

CORE CURRICULUM PRICING (Launches August 5, 2016)*
Business Career College offers a subscription program to help keep education costs predictable. Students will subscribe to our service for $125 per month which provides access to the e-Texts, assignments, quizzes, instructional videos and ongoing support. Flat fee pricing is also available.

Live Instruction is available for $400 per seminar or webinar.


There are some courses and designations that may allow candidates to skip a course in the BCC Core Curriculum or move directly to the FPSC Level 1® Exam or Capstone Course. If a student has already started their studies with another FPSC-approved provider they may be able to receive credit towards our Core Curriculum. Candidates interested in determining their equivalency should enquire by email, with transcript if possible, to Kelly Brewer (

Qualifications that may give advanced standing can include: Pl. Fin., foreign CFP® credential, PFP, CA, CGA, CMA, CPA, CFA, CLU or FCIA. Lawyers and Quebec notaries may also be able to apply for exemptions from parts of the program. More information can be found on the FPSC website.

Regardless of equivalency all candidates for the CFP® designation are required to complete the CFP® Exam.


The FPSC Level 1® Exam is held twice a year by the FPSC. Generally the exams are written in June and November with registration closing one month in advance. The computer based exam is made up of roughly 95 multiple choice questions which must be completed in 4 hours.

Read more about the exam here.

To help students get ready for the FPSC Level 1® Exam, Business Career College offers an optional (but highly recommended) exam prep course in the month leading up to the exam write.

With two full length mock exams students have the opportunity to get familiar with the types of questions they will attempt. While the answers are available for self-assessment, a really valuable resource can be found with a three day live instruction seminar or webinar. During this time students will be able to ask any last minute questions and take a deep dive into the rationale of the mock exam.

We have also developed a 90 Day Study Schedule which takes a list of topics likely to be on the exam and organizes them over the three months leading up to the write. The main goal of the schedule is to encourage a little bit of study every day, something students should make a habit from the start of the CFP® Certification Education Program.

FPSC LEVEL 1® EXAM PREP PRICING (Launches Aug 05, 2016)*
A $125 monthly subscription with BCC will provide access to the mock exams. Flat fee pricing is also available.

The live portion of the course is available for $400 plus tax.

For current FPSC fees, please click here.

FPSC Level 1® Certificant

A candidate who successfully completes the FPSC Level 1® Exam becomes a FPSC Level 1® certificant. This certification can be shown on business cards as an indication to colleagues and clients that the holder is ready to move forward on the path to CFP® certification. It does have a CE requirement although there is an exemption until the end of the following calendar year and the Capstone Course provides the equivalent of two years of CE credits.

Candidates must be a FPSC Level 1® certificant in good standing, to attempt the final CFP® Exam. Application fees are collected during registration for the FPSC Level 1® Exam.

Capstone Course

BCC offers an FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum twice per year. The classes will start fairly soon after the FPSC Level 1® Exam write in order to allow enough time for completion in advance of the CFP® Exam registration deadline. Students enrolling in the Capstone Course must have completed an approved Core Curriculum or have the appropriate exemption from FPSC. Students do not need to have a passing grade on the FPSC Level 1® Exam to register and many registrants will not have their results until at least a month into the course, if they wrote the most recent exam.

The Capstone Course will be the most work of the CFP® Certification Education Program. The bulk of the time will be spent on the development of a financial plan based around a FPSC Case Study. In addition to the financial plan, students will be expected to carry out many of the steps that would be required in developing a plan for a real client. There are also components testing technical knowledge and discussions around ethical considerations.

The Capstone Course is pass/fail based on the satisfactory completion of the course components.

Once the Capstone Course is completed candidates will have four years (or four attempts) to complete the CFP® Exam. If they do not meet this requirement, the Capstone Course must be completed again.

Our FPSC-Approved Capstone Course is available through subscription for $125 per month plus a one-time $350 activation fee. This will include the e-Text, 22 hours of instruction, assignments with grader feedback and a live role playing interview.

Our instructor-led course does not have a self-study option. Capstone Course students will also need to purchase the appropriate Case Study from FPSC.

Those interested in attending the Capstone Course through Business Career College should contact Kelly Brewer ( to enquire about the next enrollment window.


The CFP® Exam is held twice a year by the FPSC. The exam schedule is the same as the FPSC Level 1® Exam, with registration required one month in advance of the exam. The 6 hour computer based exam is made up of two three hours sections with a lunch break in between.

You can read more about this exam here.

A great option for CFP® Exam writers is the Business Career College exam prep course.

Three sets of case studies and mock exam questions provide the foundation of the prep course and those students choosing the instruction option will enjoy a valuable three days of question and answer review with our instructor.

The 90 Day Study Schedule is a great resource for content review. Candidates should be accustomed to using their financial calculator daily and have time set aside for reading and review.

CFP® EXAM PREP PRICING (Launches August 05, 2016)
A $125 monthly subscription with BCC will provide access to the mock exams. Flat fee pricing is also available.

The live portion of the course is available for $400 plus tax.

For current FPSC fees, please click here.

Work Experience

CFP® professionals must have at least three years of appropriate work experience to obtain the designation. This work experience can be earned up to eight years in advance of the application or up to four years after passing the CFP® Exam. The suitability of work experience is determined by the FPSC and candidates can see the full information here.

CFP® Designation

Candidates must apply for the CFP® designation within four year of passing the CFP® Exam and be a FPSC Level 1® certificant in good standing. CFP® professionals must adhere to the Standards of Professional Responsibility for CFP Professionals and FPSC Level 1 Certificants in Financial Planning.

Every year CFP® professionals must complete 25 hours of continuing education and renew their certification. The CE requirement is waived for the calendar year in which the CFP® designation is obtained along with the following year.


*Please note that all BCC fees are subject to change without notice. Please contact BCC at 877-934-5577 for current information.

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