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The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® or CFP® certification is a gold standard of knowledge in the financial services world. It denotes professionalism with a strong competency at the highest level of complexity and a commitment to ethics placing the clients’ interests first. These professionals have achieved education, experience and examination to earn the most widely recognized financial planning designation.

Candidates will work through a mix of courses and exams offered by BCC and FP Canada™.

The BCC CFP® Certification Education Program is instructor and advisor supported—let our team help keep you on track as you learn the content, prepare for the exams, and achieve the designation!

On January 1, 2020, the QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE FINANCIAL PLANNER™ or QAFP™ designation replaced the old FPSC Level 1® certification. As part of this change, FP Canada™ has increased the requirements for QAFP™ certification, to create a program demonstrating an understanding of foundational knowledge and experience to assist Canadians with less complex financial planning.

Candidates may take a few different routes to their certifications and may decide to aim directly at CFP®, opt for QAFP™ as the final goal, or lock in their progress and earn the QAFP™ enroute to the CFP™.

Discuss the options and what route may work best for you with Kelsey (email | phone) today.

BCC Core Curriculum (CFP® & QAFP™ Certifications)

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Exam Prep (CFP® Certification Education Program)

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CFP® and QAFP™ Certification Routes

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BCC Advanced Curriculum (CFP® Certification)

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FP Canada™ Introduction to Professional Ethics (CFP® & QAFP™ Designation)

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FP Canada™ Professional Education Programs (CFP® & QAFP™ Designation)

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