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Designation Spotlight Summer 2013

By Kelly Brewer, BA     The Elder Planning Counselor™ is the first elder designation designed in Canada. Developed from the ground up by Canadian professionals, the EPC™ provides thorough training for providing the best advice and service to clients over 55.     The Elder Planning Counselor™ course is offered by...

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Capilano Construction Starting Spring 2013

by Kelly Brewer, BA     This spring saw a start to major construction around our Edmonton Campus. While there will be several changes to the area and buildings, we will be staying put and will be open for business as usual. There may be some minor inconveniences, but we are...

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Thank you for visiting our new website! Our goal with the new page is to provide more than just an area where you can register for courses. In the coming weeks and months we will be developing additional resources; some will be found in "The Blog." These resources will provide...

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