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January 2020 Newsletter Submission – “LLQP Comments” Bob Watt

Here we are embarking on a new year and a new decade. Of course whether we are actually in a new decade depends on whether you follow the Farmer’s Almanac theory that the new decade actually does not start until 2021. This might be a great time to talk about...

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January 2020 Newsletter Article: Regulation of Insurance Contracts

Some of you may have picked up on this notice from the law firm Norton Rose Fulbright back in November of 2019: While I haven’t seen the source document, it refers to correspondence by the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) concerning charitable donations of life insurance and trafficking provisions in the Insurance Act.  ...

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Holiday Newsletter: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

This year we wanted to do a bit more for charities that mean something to our staff. We asked each of our team members to select a charity that they hold close to their heart and propose it to the rest of staff. By late summer, we had several different...

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Dec 2019 Newsletter Article: Financial Planning Week 2019

As in 2018, Business Career College was the Platinum Sponsor for FP Canada’s Financial Planning Week 2019 activities. This is our fourth year sponsoring Financial Planning Week activities; we have sponsored the Ethics Breakfast in the past as well. This major event had 3 distinct components this year: The Celebration...

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Celebration of Profession Dinner Kicks Off Financial Planning Week

Craig Handley, CFP®, CLU®, CHS - Sun Life Financial Craig is currently a Manager with Sun Life Financial in Calgary. In January 2020, he will start a new role with Sun Life as a Business Development Consultant. His focus will include helping successful advisors with practice acquisition, business planning, business management,...

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December 2019: Spreading the word about IPE & PEP

If you are on your path to the CFP® or QAFP™ designation, did you know that there are two courses you will need to complete after the Core & Advanced Curriculum? They are called Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE), and Professional Education Program (PEP). Available exclusively through FP Canada, please note...

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December 2019: LLQP Comment Corner

Now that we have spent some time looking at the LLQP program and all its various components, it will be good to look at some steps that are being taken to keep it current. Students are currently tested on material included in the 5th Edition LLQP text books. The process is that...

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Nov 2019 Newsletter Article: Decision-Making in Financial Planning

Behavioural finance research makes it clear that we are all victims of our own biases. Dan Kahneman, who is likely the world’s leading researcher on bias, has this depressing conclusion as it concerns bias: “The odd thing is that educating people doesn’t seem to be enough, because we find that...

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Gender Bias on the CFP® Exam?

With FP Canada’s™ exams coming up at the end of November, we are just about to start our first set of exam prep classes. As anybody who has attended an exam prep class with me will attest, I put a lot of thought (maybe too much) into what causes students...

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Kids Heading Off to School? What Changes?

It’s September, and some of your clients might be sending the kids away to post-secondary school for the first time. This can be an exciting time. I know that Canadians don’t do this as much as our neighbours to the south, but it still happens. Even if the kids aren’t...

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