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May 2020 Newsletter Article - Sharpe Ratio: Why Does a Financial Planner Care?

Since the fall of 2019, BCC’s financial planning Core Curriculum classes have adjusted to include all content from the FP Canada Institute™ Financial Planning Body of Knowledge (FP-BoK). The FP-BoK is a robust attempt to describe all the technical knowledge required of a financial planning professional. The FP-BoK includes the...

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April Newsletter Article: Life Insurance Licensing Program (LLQP)

I am back to discussing insurance agent licensing, but wow, we are certainly in interesting times. As an organization, Business Career College is trying to react positively and responsibly to the crisis. When we transitioned to online/digital learning for most of our programs about a decade ago, I, as a seasoned...

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April Newsletter Article: Pro Bono Financial Planning Case Study: A Successful Intervention

Below is a case study I wrote for the United Way to demonstrate the value of a program they operate here in Edmonton. This is a true story – only the name of the program participant has been changed.   If this type of work is interesting to you, we have...

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Cancellation of the June 2020 FP Canada QAFP & CFP Exams

On March 24, FP Canada cancelled the June 2020 examinations. If you haven’t seen the details, please click here, but most importantly: all examinees registered for June 2020 are automatically enrolled for the November 2020 exams. If you were planning on writing in June, we have developed an exam prep program...

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March Newsletter Article: CFP Board Academic Research Colloquium

Earlier in this edition of the newsletter, Jason shared his thoughts about the CFP Board Academic Research Colloquium.  I attended that event in Washington, DC as well.  This is our 4th year for that event and each time I come away with my head full of new things that I...

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March Newsletter: Developing Financial Planning as a Profession

When we discuss the professionalization of the delivery of financial advice, we often discuss fees, minimum education requirements, and obligations to clients. One of the significant items missing from the discussion is a robust body of research. Four years ago, my eyes were opened to the extent to which I...

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Feb Newsletter Article: PEP Registration

PEP registration is now full for March, and April will be filling up quickly! This course is to be completed over 120-160 hours and contains 7 assignments plus the final assessment. For more information and to register please go to FP Canada’s website. Professional Education Program (PEP) with FP Canada is...

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Feb 2020 Newsletter Article: LLQP Comment Corner

Here we are 1 month into a new year and a new decade.  We have already delivered 2 LLQP classes, one live session in Edmonton and 1 webinar for people across Canada.  The focus for the 1st seminar of each year since the inception of the current LLQP structure on...

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February 2020 Newsletter: RRSPs After Age 71

Here we are in February! Every advisor’s favourite season – RRSP season! Somehow Costco and Walmart don’t have an RRSP display and have somehow paid more attention to Valentine’s Day. At BCC, though, we are acutely aware of RRSP season. February is normally our slowest month of the year, as many of...

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January 2020 : Dave Thompson Retires

"I believe in destiny! In May, 1974 I was the principal of Whitelaw school. Life was good, and Judy and I were looking forward to the summer vacation. The school children were excited to get to their new grades, and the grade 6’s were heading to Fairview next year. The superintendent paid me a...

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