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What is the Jensen Index, Sharpe Ratio, and Treynor Ratio?

Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) professional and Qualified Associated Financial Planner™ (QAFP) professionals are expected to understand how to properly advise their clients on investments, including risk-adjusted returns. A risk-adjusted return is the calculation of profit (the return) that an investment could make while considering the degree of risk that the...

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EPC Certification and Advising the Elder Demographic

As our population ages, the need for clear, practical, and useful life advice rises. As we age, we try to plan for each stage in our lives the best we can. Often, we seek the advice of specialized professionals to guide us. The Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies (CIEPS)...

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September 2020: New Information for November 2020 Exams

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the CFP® and QAFP™ exams coming up this November. Like previous years, candidates will have the option to write their exam in-person at a designated testing centre, but they also have the option of writing their exam in...

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August 2020 Newsletter: Watt's What

In the past, my newsletter articles have been geared towards explaining the LLQP process.  But life changes for all of us with me being no exception. After 38 years in this business, I will be retiring at the end of this year. I started in the industry as a life...

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August 2020 Newsletter: Canada Student Loans

We are just around the corner from a return to school, whatever that will look like. For many students (and possibly their parents as well), it’s time to start thinking about how to pay for the return to school.   The Canada Student Loans program is likely the best-known financing source for students....

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July 2020 Newsletter: LLQP Corner

I am back this month talking about LLQP. As with all things in life right now, the LLQP process is greatly impacted by Covid-19.  About mid-March, all provincial jurisdictions in Canada stopped offering the opportunity to write provincial exams.  Not knowing how long this would last, we allowed people to...

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July 2020 Newsletter: Child Care Expense Deductions – How Much Do They Help?

The Income Tax Act permits the deduction of child care expenses under certain circumstances. A quick summary of those rules: Only the lower earner in the household can deduct the expenses. For a separated couple, the same rule applies receiving child support can deduct the expenses. There are some exceptions,...

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June 2020: When to Engage the Expert?

In late April, we hosted our 12th annual Group Insurance Symposium. We normally run this session live in Edmonton each April and again live in Calgary each October. This is a two-day event designed for those who make their home in the group benefits space to obtain their CE credits...

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June 2020 Newsletter Article: June brings Father’s Day and with it memories

This post is quite personal to us and talks about a vulnerable chapter in our story that has been unfolding since 1996. It is about one father dealing with difficult times, moving forward, and choosing to come out on the other side of the journey stronger and having achieved something,...

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May 2020 Newsletter: Study Tips to Keep You Engaged

Struggling to get through your studies? Here are a few tips to get you started: Schedule some time to work on your course daily or weekly and stick to it! Log into the course daily and look at the online resources. Even if you don’t do any work, this habit...

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