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My, how quickly the world changes.  Everyone has had to step up and adjust the way business is done to the extent that no one would have ever imagined.  What a great time to embark on those education goals that you have not had the time or other resources to pursue, such as CFP, CLU or EPC. 

My focus, as everyone knows, is primarily to support the LLQP studies for those entering the business and needing to obtain a license.  I also spend lots of time delivering the Elder Planning Course for people whose business requires a need to focus on the needs of seniors.  Perhaps they assigned me to that role because I have become what is studied in that course.

What I mainly want to focus on for this month’s newsletter concerns what is happening to our LLQP students who have recently completed certification and are not able to proceed to the provincial exam because of the current shut down.  We do not know when that will end.  My concern is that those people who have achieved full certification are being left in a state of limbo. Anyone who completes LLQP certification knows that it is not easy. My recommendation is that people keep studying right up to the day before they write their provincial exams and that there should be no lag between when they get certified and when they write their provincial exams. Staying engaged in the study process is going to be a real challenge.  What we have done to help people stay engaged is to offer twice-weekly FREE LLQP review webinars, each of 3-hour duration.  The sessions run Tuesdays at 1:00 PM and Thursdays at 6:30 PM.  Anyone who has achieved certification as a BCC student since mid-January is welcome to join those sessions.  Just call BCC to see if you or one of your team-mates or new hires is eligible.  Tyler Sauve leads these sessions. Tyler is the guy who is going to take over LLQP training and support from me. Tyler, over the 3 hours, will go through LLQP questions and concepts and answer queries from participants.  We have room for 100 people per session, and currently, about 30 seats are being used for each session. These will run until the provinces allow their exams to proceed.  Tyler will be supported in his efforts by Maria Nguyen, a BCC staff member who has a great handle on the technical aspects of questions.  Maria knows the LLQP textbooks as well as anyone in the country.
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