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Earlier in this edition of the newsletter, Jason shared his thoughts about the CFP Board Academic Research Colloquium.  I attended that event in Washington, DC as well.  This is our 4th year for that event and each time I come away with my head full of new things that I learned.  But I have had a recurring thought each time I attend.  That is that over the years, almost 38 for me, in this business we learn a lot of stuff.  As I see and listen to the academics share their research, I keep thinking “but we already know that”. This confirms for me that we are on the right track.  Instead of just spouting off some fact or stat these people back up their statements with advanced research techniques confirming what many of us already know but their research efforts cause one to stretch their thinking.

Each year that I attend I get further and further into fully appreciating the value of financial planning in this business. Everything that we do in the world of providing insurance and investment advice can be enhanced and supported by utilizing a well-thought out and well-structured financial plan.  Canadians deserve no less than that in this complex and volatile world that we live in. 

This year I felt awed and humbled to be able to rub shoulders with those academics from some of the top educational institutions on the continent.  For those who know me you will know that I am not an academic but perhaps I could be described as an accidental academic. 

Next month I will be back to comments about LLQP and will be putting out a call for some help from some of our clients who are knowledgeable about life insurance and what I like to refer to as the related financial products.  If you have any interest in assisting us in editing questions please feel free to reach out to me at  I would like to create some sort of advisory committee so that in a year or so when I retire, our staff have experienced people to reach out to for guidance. 

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