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Here we are embarking on a new year and a new decade. Of course whether we are actually in a new decade depends on whether you follow the Farmer’s Almanac theory that the new decade actually does not start until 2021. This might be a great time to talk about those LLQP students who completed certification prior to the end of 2019. Something that creates frustration for many is the lack of availability of provincial exam write sittings in the latter part of December. Anyone who achieved certification after about Dec 18th will likely be writing their provincial exams in January of 2020. Those people need to pay attention to the document that we create each year included with their study material at BCCEducation/LLQP  to make people aware of the newest edition changes. Provincial exams written anytime after Jan 1,2020 will be based on information included in the 6th Edition texts. There are always a few points that will impact testing but probably not enough to cause one to fail.  It is just that with exams that only have 20 or 30 questions each question is worth more towards your required pass mark. It has been my observation over the last 17 years of dealing with LLQP that most of those who fail get within 5% of the required pass mark. Those who do not take the time to review the changes put themselves at risk. 
In a November issue of the Globe and Mail, Jason had an article published that talked about the similarities between financial planning and learning. A study of human nature and behavior tells us that we have a tendency to look for short cuts and to procrastinate when it comes to taking steps necessary for success either on the exams and courses we take or in achieving our financial goals. 

I am one of those people who have pushed the envelope with deadlines and study efforts over the years so I well understand the people who I get a chance to work with on their learning journey.

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