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Here we are 1 month into a new year and a new decade.  We have already delivered 2 LLQP classes, one live session in Edmonton and 1 webinar for people across Canada.  The focus for the 1st seminar of each year since the inception of the current LLQP structure on January 1, 2016 is to incorporate the changes into the subject matter delivery that the course authors come up with each year. In the fall of each year the course authors, AMF from Quebec, release the latest edition which is currently the 6th Edition.  There will always be updates based on changes in law, taxation, insurance products and insurance practice.  This commitment to keep things current is one of the positive aspects of the current LLQP study program. 

Of course, like all other study material that our industry uses the material may not always be in sync with what the companies and trainers of our industry put forth. That constant friction between those who regulate our industry and those who practice our profession is what keeps things interesting. I have been observing this for 38 years now and have educated myself to be a student of the industry which I think requires me to know our history, where we are and perhaps to some extent where we are headed.

Change is a good thing providing there is a valid reason for it. For 38 years I have been watching change come about at what seems like a break-neck pace sometimes.  That applies to BCC as well.  I will be retiring in the next couple of years, probably at the end of 2021.  We have brought on board Tyler Sauvé to take over the stewardship of the LLQP portfolio and delivery.  With Jason’s leadership and Tyler’s skillset, I am confident that continued efforts to deliver a quality product will be achieved. Student success is our goal.  As I wind down, I may steal a page from the Rolling Stones or Elton John and do a farewell tour so that I can drop by and see some of you who have supported us over the years. 

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