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Now that we have spent some time looking at the LLQP program and all its various components, it will be good to look at some steps that are being taken to keep it current. Students are currently tested on material included in the 5th Edition LLQP text books. The process is that each year in the fall the newest edition is published. We are sent the newest edition in late September so that we, as providers, can review the changes and work on any adjustments needed for our question banks and teaching material. Provincial exams are adjusted effective January 1st of each year to reflect any changes since the previous addition was published for the prior year. 
Changes are based on regulations imposed over the past 12 months. There is an ongoing effort to ensure that the textbooks are worded correctly so throughout the year course providers, LLQP educators and key industry stakeholders provide comments and make suggestions for more effective and accurate wording of the material. Those recommendations are carefully vetted and commented on by subject matter experts and eventually make their way into the textbook. What we see is that the LLQP text books and the task of keeping them current is an ongoing process. When I observe this process taking place, I am constantly thankful that we no longer have the responsibility of authoring the textbooks and keeping them current. 
When I got licensed in 1982, I studied from material that was written in 1978. That same material was used for provincial exam testing right until the end of 2002. Hopefully that will never be allowed to happen again. 
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