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On March 24, FP Canada cancelled the June 2020 examinations.

If you haven’t seen the details, please click here, but most importantly: all examinees registered for June 2020 are automatically enrolled for the November 2020 exams.

If you were planning on writing in June, we have developed an exam prep program that is designed to help keep you on track over the next 8 months.

How Does It Work?

  • Attend 2 half-day webinars per month April-October and a full day in late October/early November
  • Recorded if you miss any sessions

What’s the Goal?

  • Keep yourself engaged and build up to the exam
  • Give yourself a better chance for success in November

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone registered or planning to register for the June Exam
  • Anyone completing PEP in the next few weeks

Who Shouldn’t Attend?

  • Anyone who is not done Core & Advanced or completing PEP in the late summer/early fall
    • Your time is best focused on those courses and PEP for now

What’s the Cost of Attending?

  • $600+GST/HST or $75+GST/HST per month
    • May be eligible for the new Canada Training Credit*
      • *We are not tax experts, please see details here.

What’s the Cost of Not Attending?

  • Extra stress and more uncertainty in the fall
  • Lost study momentum
  • Stale-dated knowledge

Schedule (Each Month: One day combined QAFP/CFP Exam info, one day specific to each exam.)

 QAFP Apr 14, 30, May 11, 25, Jun 12, 26, Jul 15, 28, Aug 10, 26, Sep 11, 23, Oct 6, 15, Oct 29
CFP Apr 15, 30, May 11, 26, Jun 12, 29, Jul 15, 29, Aug 11, 26, Sep 11, 25, Oct 7, 15, Nov 5

Click here to register.

Any questions, please reach out to your Student Advisor Kelsey McGuinty (email | phone).


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