Business Career College

by Kelly Brewer, BA

    This spring saw a start to major construction around our Edmonton Campus. While there will be several changes to the area and buildings, we will be staying put and will be open for business as usual. There may be some minor inconveniences, but we are looking forward to newly renovated and improved facilities.

    Large areas of the Capilano Mall will be torn down to make room for a series of freestanding commercial buildings, along the lines of South Edmonton Common. The food court and section of the mall connecting Safeway with Winners and Walmart will be removed, with businesses relocating within the common or to other malls and locations across the city.

    The portion of the mall containing Business Career College, Edmonton Public Library Capilano Branch, Servus Credit Union and TD Canada Trust will form a professional centre. The second floor washrooms and hallways along with the elevator will be renovated, providing a nicer environment for our students. 

    The elevator will be shut down during the Victoria Day weekend and will remain out of service for several weeks. If you require any assistance in locating our offices, please don't hesitate to call us at 780-482-5990. If you have any mobility issues, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We can be reached through the "Upstairs Entrance" staircase which can be found outside of the mall exit doors between Servus Credit Union and TD Canada Trust.


    There will be no construction within the campus, so we will continue to offer our seminars and student services throughout the duration of the remodeling. If there are any further disruptions to access, we will be sure to clearly mark out alternative routes to the second floor and our offices.

    We appreciate your patience during construction.

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Written by Jason Watt — May 16, 2013