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The Harmonized LLQP will be implemented in all provinces, and will replace the current LLQP.

What does this mean for you?

All Harmonized LLQP students will receive the same CISRO textbooks which will be delivered by approved providers. Business Career College will oversee the certification exam process and offer additional resources to help prepare students for the licensing exams and a career selling insurance products.

Right off the top, there are some good things that should be highlighted:

  • If you are already licensed, this will not affect you in any adverse way.
  • It will become easier for non-residents of Quebec to obtain certification in Quebec. This will not change the licenses held in any province. There will still be separate licensing in each province, and provinces that have distinct Life and A&S requirements will continue to maintain those requirements.
  • The exam process will move to a more fair, open-book style of exam. The old exam techniques that many of you are familiar with (double negatives; confusing language) will disappear.
  • All provinces (including Quebec) will use the same exam process.
  • The exam will be broken down into four modular exams. The modules are: Life Insurance; A&S Insurance; Segregated Funds and Annuities; and Ethics and Professional Practices. There is a fifth module for Taxation, but it is not tested separately, and will instead be incorporated into testing for all other modules. A student who fails one of the modular exams will only have to re-write that particular module. There will be a separate ethics and professional practices module for Quebec.
  • All material, including exams, offered by the regulators is fully bilingual. BCC will not be producing any French-language material at this time. We are not currently an approved provider in Quebec.
  • Agents who carry only a life insurance, or only an A&S license, under a current licensing regime, will generally have an easier time obtaining the license that they don’t carry. If you don’t carry your A&S license, you will only have to write the A&S and Ethics & Professional Practice modular exam, for example.

Then, there are the inevitable negatives:

  • The cost will increase. The regulator is building an additional cost of right into the pricing. We will collect this and then remit it to the regulator.
  • Study Material. While our textbook is currently about 350 pages of content, the new course is approximately 818 pages of content, based on the primary set of textbooks published by the regulators. BCC will offer some material to make this more accessible, but owing to the open-book nature of the exam, students will need to read the 818 page textbook in question.
  • At least in the short-term, this will create some confusion. Any student enrolled in the current (old) LLQP will find that they cannot write the new exam after December 31, 2015. That student will have to enroll in the new program and study under the new process. So, if you are currently studying under the old program, you have until the end of December to have passed your certification and provincial licensing exams. In addition:
    • If you enroll in the new program (now available) and finish early, you will be able to write the old exam during a transition period that ends on December 31, 2015.
    • Failed exam attempts for transitional students do not count against failed attempts starting Jan 01, 2016.

    I hope this is helpful. Questions about the transition should be directed to

    Detailed information from the regulators is available at

    Written by Jason Watt — August 11, 2015