Business Career College

We are just over a month away from the CFP (former FPE 2) Exam.

I hope that studying is going well.

You should be using the Competency Profile. I also strongly recommend using all the practice exams provided by FPSC, both free and paid.

For those attending exam prep, there are three practice exams available. We will be doing these as a review in class. Unlike previous years, I will be putting individual students on the spot. I will be asking you to share your answers (one student at a time) to a question, and then we will pick those apart. If you show up to class without the questions all answered, you will find that you will not get a great value for your dollar or time.

I will, over the next week, be working on updating a few of the questions. If you answer an older version of a question, that is fine. We will use whatever version you answered for our in-class review.

Best of luck and enjoy your ongoing studies.

Written by Jason Watt — October 22, 2014