Business Career College

I have completed a somewhat detailed analysis of the results of all BCC students who have written either FPE 1, FPE 2, or both in 2013 or 2014.

During that period, BCC has put 130 students through some sort of exam preparation in one way, shape, or form. Not all of those students are necessarily represented in the numbers here.

Here is what I am able to determine:

1. BCC students have written the FPE 1 exam (now renamed as the Level 1 Exam) 73 times. 66 students have passed it, representing 90.4% of students. 

2. BCC students have written the FPE 2 exam 89 times. Of those 89 attempts, 56 were successful. 33 times, exam writers were not successful. Of those 33, 9 came back to write a second time, and were successful on the second attempt. Those 9 are included in the 56 figure provided above. That represents a 62.9% pass rate.

3. Of students who specifically attended an Exam Prep:

-88.7% of FPE 1 Exam Prep attendees passed that exam.

-67.1% of FPE 2 Exam Prep attendees passed that exam.

I found the exercise interesting. I am working to refine our FPE 2 (now CFP) exam prep, but I am not sure that it's realistic to get FPE 1 results much better than that.

Best of luck to those who are preparing for any of the exams leading to this designation.

I am happy to share the raw data (less any student identifiers) that went into this analysis.



Written by Jason Watt — October 22, 2014