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The Wealth Designation - By Kelly Brewer, BA, EPC™

Advisors dealing with high wealth clients will want to consider the Chartered Life Underwriter® designation. The CLU® builds upon CFP® certification education program with a focus on estate planning and wealth transfer. According to The Institute™ "the CLU designation provides the education needed to differentiate one's practice in complex wealth and estate-transfer markets placing CLU designation-holders in the unique position of helping Canadians build and preserve wealth."

The CLU designation program consists of Pre-requisite Learning and the Foundational Education Program. The Pre-requisite Learning consists of Courses 231 through 234, which also make up the Advocis® core curriculum for the CFP® certification education program. Therefore, candidates holding a CFP® designation are given exemption from the Pre-requisite Learning Courses. Candidates holding an accounting designation (CA, CGA, CMA, CPA) are also given advanced standing and do not have to complete the Pre-requisite Learning. Holders of these designations are also able to challenge the exam for Course 235, the first course in the Foundational Education Program.

The Foundational Education program is made up of Course 235: Advanced Taxation, Course 236: Law and Course 237: Advanced Estate Planning. Course 237 consists of two assignments and a cumulative (Course 231-237) final exam. The final exam is held by Advocis twice a year.

Business Career College has great options for advisors interested in completing their CLU® designation program.

For Pre-requisite Learning students have the option of live instruction or directed learning. Each method provides students with their course, materials, quizzes and exams. Live instruction students will have the benefit of four days with Jason Watt, CD, CLU, RHU. Directed Learning students will receive access to previously recorded webinars that can be reviewed at their own pace.

The Foundational Education Program is offered in a slightly different manner. Students will register into their courses through Advocis® which will provide their course, material, quizzes, assignments and exams. Business Career College offers live instruction classes that are designed as a supplement to the Advocis® materials. Live instruction is available for Courses 231-237 and help students prepare for their quizzes, assignments and final exams. They are an excellent way to make the best use of study time and give students a great chance for success.

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Written by Jason Watt — December 11, 2013